Talveküla Christmas Land is open 19.11.2022 – 15.01.2023

For almost 200 years, a mysterious man has been living in Talveküla of the manor complex of Torma.
This man is the brother of Santa Claus, Glämmi.
Until now, he had lived here quietly and almost unnoticed by the outside world, enjoying the winter cold and snow.
Torma is a good place where Glämmi grows Christmas trees and builds a beautiful Wintry Village.

However, in recent years, the winters are not so exciting anymore.
Santa can no longer walk everywhere and at any time, so he called his brother for help.
Glämmi leaves a carefree life and welcomes children and adults together with the dwarfs in the Wintry Village.

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In fact, Glämmi has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.
It is difficult to find a second such beautiful place in Estonia as Talveküla in winter.
Glämmi has already decided what will be offered guests from kindergartens, schools and companies.
First, the arriving guests have a chance to admire the nursery of Christmas trees, then the dwarfs will show the way to the Glämms’s possessions in Talveküla, which are located in the Torma Manor complex.

Visit to the village begins with a wonderful Christmas stable, where children will meet the inhabitants of the mini-zoo and of the town of rabbits.
In the workshop, together with the dwarfs, you can make something with your own hands, or send Christmas wishes from the post office.
It’s also great for adults, because skilful dwarfs have prepared a gift shop for them, where they can choose gifts for their loved ones and friends.

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The dwarfs will show you the Christmas tree alley and proudly talk about Glämmi who grows Christmas trees himself.
In the nursery, everyone can buy a Christmas tree to take it home.

While the guests are making Christmas gifts in the workshop and writing Christmas wishes in the post office, in the new kitchen, delicious food is already ready for everyone, which can be enjoyed in the restaurant named after Glämmi.
Glämmi is a brilliant chef as well as a skilled fir-tree-grower.
These are his two biggest passions.
At the end, Glämmi is waiting for all the children in the office of Santa, where pictures can be taken of them together with Santa.

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If you stay overnight, a delicious breakfast will be ready for you.
How to stay until morning?
The most popular glampings in the world are available for accommodation in Talveküla.
Glamping is a comfortably furnished tent-house in which you are surrounded by wildlife, but at the same time you are comfortable and warm next to a pleasantly warming fireplace.
In the glamping village, you can visit the sauna and barrel bath, and enjoy a winter swim in the pond.
A wintry night in glamping leaves unforgettable memories of the starry sky and the fabulously illuminated forest.
Glämmi in Talveküla has a lot of space where groups from institutions or schools can be accommodated for Christmas parties.

It is impossible to describe everything you will find in Talveküla.
Come and see for yourself!
Talveküla is one of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas villages in Estonia.
Glämmi is waiting for you from 19.11.2022 to 15.01.2023.

What awaits you in the Wintry Village in Torma

Santa Glämmi, dwarfs and Christmas aunties

At the Glämmi’s Manor you will discover

    • Santa’s Restaurant „Glämmi”
    • Fireplace hall with gingerbread and handicrafts
    • Santa’s post office
    • Gift Shop
    • Christmas Exhibition
    • Dwarfs Academy
      • Secrets of the dwarfs
    • Office of the dwarfs

You are welcome for a warm overnight stay in the glamping village

  • Accommodation for up to 30 guests in 8 glamping houses
  • Breakfast
  • Sauna and pond
  • Sauna-barrel with hot water
  • Tea house

  • Christmas Tree Alley
  • Magical Forest of the Wintry Village
  • Christmas Stable
    • Town of Rabbits
    • Mini Zoo
    • Santa’s Barn
  • Barn with Santa’s Treasury

Who feels good in the Christmas Land of the Wintry Village

  • Children from kindergartens
  • Primary school students
  • Basic school students
  • High school students
  • Teachers on winter days
  • Employees of institutions on winter days
  • Participants of corporate events
  • Participants of family celebrations
  • Friends gathered to celebrate the event
  • Those who want to spend time with their family
  • etc.


Santa’s Manor 1000 m2

  • Fireplace hall,
    • Hot drinks bar
    • Gingerbread room
    • Handicraft corner
  • ‘Glämmi’ Banquet Hall
  • Kitchen plus kitchen for learning how to bake gingerbread
  • Santa Hall
    • Post office
    • Gift shop
    • Santa Reception
  • Dwarfs Academy
    • where lessons are given by Dwarfs
    • can be used as seminar room

Christmas Stable 1000 m²

  • Rabbit Town
  • Mini Zoo
  • Dwarf School
  • Christmas tree

You can investigate the treasure barn to see what Santa Glämmi keeps there.

We accept groups from 19.11 to 15.01, there must be at least 20 people in the group, and you the pre- registration is required on the website

Families are welcome in December, no pre-registration is required.

  • Friday 15:00-18:00
  • Saturday 12:00-20:00
  • Sunday 12:00-16:00

Regular ticket 12.00 euros
Ticket is required from 3 years.

Family ticket 35.00 euros
Family ticket is valid for two adults and 3 minor children.

For larger families, the price of a family ticket is valid for all children included in the Family Card.